About me

My name is Hathaichanok Saiduangkaew. Too long? You can call me 'Tabbie / ทับทิม' for short. I am a girl who loves smiling from Thailand.

• An Ex-crew to a Full-time traveler •

When I was a cabin crew for many years ago, I had opportunities to travel a lot. I tried to write my journey to the blog as a hobby. Now, I have a passion to be an eco backpacker; volunteering, travel on a budget and make friends with people. I decided to turn my blog into the website that I can share more about my lifestyles and stories.

• A Blogger Wanna Be •

I am into writing and sharing the good things that I experienced by myself. That's why I created the blog. This website is where I write about my experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Hopefully, it can influence the readers to be happier. I also write reviews of some stuff (free and sponsored) from my actual view to share with my audiences.

• Personal Profile •

I am a size M Asian girl with 165 cm tall. I have dehydrated skin with beige skin tone. Now, I am trying to take care of my skin more than before because of my age and my skin condition that always changes due to climate and environmental factors.

If you are keen to get to know me better, I invite you to ask more questions!

Email me: hello@thetabbiesworld-7c4c6a.ingress-earth.easywp.com

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